I joined Paparazzi Accessories because I desire MORE. I joined because of what the Lord promised me. I joined because I believe in the vision this company has established. I joined because God has given me the ability to obtain wealth according to his word. I joined because it was time for me to face my fears and be the entrepreneur I was destined to be. I joined because I desire to teach, build and show women that financial freedom is not a taboo. It's obtainable and reachable if you stretch out to grab it! Plan! Build! Invest! Soar! Being with this business has been a tremendous blessing! I've met and continue to meet amazing women and men who are passionate about freedom, I get to make residual income on a consistent basis, and have FUN! I'm currently a Director in this business BUT I'm not stopping there! My team, Team Limitless Treasures, and I are on the move! We are SOARING without limits! Let your YES change your circumstances for the greater! Join my SOARING team today!